We are committed to safety as an integral part of our operations. The program is in place to protect our employees, clients, property, the environment, and the public.

As contractor or subcontractor to the operating company, it is our responsibility and policy to abide by all provincial and federal legislation, i.e., (OH&S) and operating companies general safety regulations. Should there be any conflict, the more stringent conditions will apply.

This section contains an overview of the administrative aspects of the Company’s Safety Program. All employees, contractors, and subcontractors must read this information to ensure they understand how the program is run and how responsibilities for safety are divided.

May we also make note that we have maintained our COR (Certificate of Recognition) since 2002. Through internal and external audits we have consistently demonstrated that we are an Industry leader in Safety practices. In addition, we are ISNetworld and ComplyWorks compatible.



Rattray Reclamation Ltd. places the importance of safety above all other aspects of the company’s business.

Rattray Reclamation (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) believes the good health and safety of its employees, contractors, subcontractors, clients, and the communities in which it conducts its business are paramount to the company’s success.

Accidents can cause serious physical injury and property damage; at the very least, they deteriorate worker morale and shake the confidence of clients and the public. As a result, it is the Company’s policy to ensure safety by removing and reducing hazardous conditions wherever possible. When this is not feasible or not enough to ensure safety, the Company alerts workers and visitors to the potential hazards at hand and trains them to handle the hazards appropriately.

Company management, the President, and Supervisors are responsible for providing strong leadership in safety; this leadership includes identification of existing and potential work hazards, provision and maintenance of protective equipment, and development of training programs.

All Company employees, contractors, and subcontractors are responsible for taking work hazards seriously and protecting themselves and each other from danger. They are expected to adhere to management safety directives, use protective equipment provided, and take advantage of training opportunities whenever they are offered. Employees are also encouraged to notify management of any new hazards they encounter on the job.

At RATTRAY RECLAMATION LTD. safety is a shared responsibility.


David Rattray

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